Bullets and chocolate

Chocolate and bullet- Written by Nader Musavi- 23 June 2020

After four- or five-months gap, the story writing workshop was on tonight under Ms. Mojgan Moshtagh our great and capable writer’s supervision. We could see the excitements of this reopening in children’s eyes and we celebrated with a chocolate ice cream.

Apparently the class tonight was about magic stories because when we distributed the ice creams Ms. Mojgan said: “say something with a magical sentence or short story before we eat”. They all said something different. When it was my turn I remember a real story from a friend of mine about his street fight in Mazar Sharif city: When I was younger me and my friends had a group fight with some other boys on taking over a place. Everybody had a gun and I had a very nice and clean Kalashnikov. When the fight was heated one of them said give up! Otherwise I will shoot you several times. I said well I don’t shoot chocolates from my gun! If you shoot me once I will shoot twice.

Imagining chocolates instead of bullets made me laugh that day. Today when I wanted to say something magical I talked about chocolate bullets. I said I wish there was chocolates coming out of all guns instead of bullets. So when you shot someone they can collect chocolates and have fun with it. Like when we do wedding bon bonier and through candies on special days.

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