Book lovers!

Book lovers!- Written by Mojgan Nazari- 8 February 2021)
Reihaneh, Asmae, and Elham are always together. Even on the school days they’d spend their break times together. These days, they come to school to borrow books. I’m glad that they like their little library. As an adolescent, I also enjoyed wandering in between schools Library bookshelves, despite being allowed to be there only one break time. Now I see these children spend a full hour in the library and they’d still want to stay longer, and it makes me smile that they are able to stay there with peace of mind and choose their books. They might even finish a whole book in here. These are the same kids that are afraid of entering other libraries or cultural centres in the city, their fear is of being dismissed. Hoping for a day when governments also learn and understand that all children have the unquestionable right to have access to education and books.

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