Story Collection by Habib Sadeghi Published in 2018

Habib Sadeghi is an Afghan writer who spent twenty years of his life in Iran. He has published two books, one in the field of children’s literature and the other for adults entitled (Bodyguard), which has won several important literary awards in Iran and Afghanistan.
Part of the book:
“Hey Beyg Babah(grandpa) are you sleep?”
“No Mollababeh, I think he is overthinking.”
He laughs, The people in the room laugh. The guests and the inn laugh. Molababeh laughs. The attendees, the commanders are laughing, everyone is laughing.
The peasant who works for Molababa laughs too, at the gate.
“Have tea, Beyg Babah!”
“Don’t worry, drink so you don’t have to overthink anymore.”
“Tea relieves sleep.”
The game was hot, and the one who covers him self with blanket was like a dog with two tails, when it got crowded and several others had come from another group with their bootlickers . Farther away, there were slacker. we hid behind a large rock. We lite the cigarettes. first puffs were pure tobacco. the pungent odor of cannabis had had brought several others to where it was behind a large rock and we lite the cigarettes. The ones who were either after free cannabis or those who has used cannabis since the day they were born and in their own words.

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