Bitter and Sweet

Bitter and Sweet- Written by Nader Musavi- November 11, 2018

The number of students has increased a lot this year, to 160 as of today.  This may be the only school that no ones is not happy by the increase in the number of students, as more students come to this school means that more students could not attend public (official) schools…this means that this year, again, there are more children of war and refugees in Afghanistan and on the other side of the border, war, poverty, despair are wreaking havoc…meaning that the livelihood of families has gotten worse than last year. 
And they don’t have any money for their children’s education nor have they found a place for it…meaning that, again, this year, we will have students who have to come here from the other side of this metropolis and it’s far outskirts…children who go to school for half a day and work the other half…and…and…many other sad reasons that make the increase in the number of students bitter…in turn, that escalates our despair, and at the same time, expands our efforts.  Khatereh and her brother Mostafa are students who came to us in the last days of Mehr (school month).
Khatereh is in second grade and Mostafa in first, both studious, brilliant, and polite, both with many hopes and dreams, but with no idea about their uncertain future and the difficulties ahead. When I asked Khatereh what she wants to be when she grows up, she responded dentist, with confidence and resolve.  Khatereh is the eldest child in her family and lives with their mother and two younger brothers and one sister.  They lost their father to an illness leftover from the war. 
Despite the bitterness we feel as a result of the increased number of students this year, we have many more children like Khatereh and Mostafa; for this, we are happy that this place, as a last hope for such children and their families, still exists.  We have tried for this place to be an attractive and happy environment for children, who after being here for a few days, become enamored and attached…a place that brings back hope to their hearts and minds for a bright future.


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