Beyond oneness and empathy


Beyond oneness and empathy- Written by Nader Musavi- 2018-08-21

children of Rainbows 

During few past days a group of happy and eager young people have come here for painting the school walls and classes. Some days they are about 25 people. They are young and energetic boys and girls who come from all over Tehran to paint such places. Their activities are from love and it’s voluntary. More than half of them are girls and the rest are boys. In these few days that I come to them from time to time, as I talked to each of them, I found that they were very motivated and kind. While painting the classrooms, they become so engaged to their work that they do not even notice the drops of paint fall on their clothes and face. If I did not know that most of them have other different occupations, I would have thought that they have been building painters for many years and they are masters in it. Once when I came to school, I saw one of the girls who was pouring plaster and water into the pan and skillfully stirring and preparing the plaster, while whose colored nail polish had not yet been removed. I jokingly said that I have been working with a master plasterer for long years in the past but I cannot prepare plaster as well as you. Where did you learn how to do this? She said right here and with the help of other friends. Here, everyone who knows something teaches another. Each time I come to school, I see that everyone is doing something, one is sanding, one is plastering, some are painting the walls with brushes and rollers, some are plastering the holes in the walls, and a few are painting things for children on the walls and … They do this very patiently and carefully.
From the beginning of the summer, I was thinking about what I could do with the impairments of doors and walls of classrooms in these bad financial conditions and high expenses, that suddenly these young angels arrived and we were all relieved.
With such kindness and love that these young people are painting, this year, classes and school will undoubtedly be more beautiful and lovable than ever.
Loving and empathetic young people, be happy forever that you have sprinkled the color of love and friendship on the small world of children with your loving hands.


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