Bazgasht (The Return)

the return book

After the Taliban was driven from power in 2001 and the formation of a new government in Afghanistan, hopes increased among refugees for a better situation in Afghanistan and returning back. Despite all the doubts, the majority of the refugee families were very hopeful that living conditions in Afghanistan would soon improve and they would be able to return. Meanwhile, fear and panic among children and women was much higher than other family members. Because they believed that despite all discriminations & hardships of being a refugee, living in Iran with more social and educational freedoms for a woman or a girl could be much better off in Iran than living in Afghanistan. Children who had seen the hard times of the war and the Taliban government, had only a black and bloody image of Afghanistan in their minds they were afraid of returning the most. I saw this fear more among female students than in other groups. This prompted me to write a book with the title «Bazgasht» (the return) for elementary school students to allay their fears and introduce them to the beauties of Afghanistan. This book was the story of a family who had lived in Iran for many years and now After improving security in Afghanistan، they wanted to return. I named this book «Bazgasht» and tried to Introduce Afghanistan, its cities, products and foods, flag, mountains and rivers and historical monuments and people of Afghanistan to the readers through a fictional story told by the youngest child of the family in a childish language. The book was published in 2001 and was very well received by elementary school students, their school principals and teachers. Although this book was written for third graders, it was taught in most self governing schools for second to fifth graders, along with Iranian textbooks.

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