Kulthum’s tears

Stories by Hosein Fakhri published in 2018

Kulthum’s Tears

Five years had passed since the birth of his daughter Kulthum. During these five years, she had moved heaven and earth so that, if God wills, she could have another child, but none of her efforts, appeals, vows and amulets had benefited her. She used to go on pilgrimages once or twice a week. On Wednesdays, She paid homage to the pilgrimage of Pir Boland, and on Fridays she went to the pilgrimage of Sakhi and Abolfazl. She didn’t care whether it is hot or cold. As she got there, she started to kiss the gate, the shrine and the Alams of the pilgrimage. She put her teary eyes on the green and black pieces of cloth and its metal and wooden Alams and raised her head to look at the sky and said: “God! “Take care of my needs and give me a son.”

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