A Story by Abolvahed Rafie Published in 2018

Ashar (A tradition in which people gathered to help their friend to do something which he or she can’t do it on his or her own such as getting a wedding preparation or before harvest season)

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“I won’t let you, leave it. I won’t let you… over my dear body. Ouch!” Again, Suleiman and his mother were arguing like cat and dog. Once they meet each other, they would mess around the castle. Suleiman were at work during the day; Sometimes well digging, sometimes pottery, sometimes harvesting, and all was for the best.
And at night he would sleep in the mosque with the castle mercenaries who were far from their homes. For the dinner he would came home. The food was still in his mouth and not swallowed well that he left the house for his mother and took refuge in the mosque, with saying no word.

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