Artistry!- Written by Nader Musavi- 9 October 2017

Last week, the real estate agent called me to visit a suitable house to be our school. I went there to take the address and they gave me a piece of paper which was printed by the landlord. When I saw the words “for densely populated Afghan families” I laughed and I showed it to Mr. Noruzi and said: “This is our compatriots’ outstanding talent. The only thing we are good at is making babies, in a way like it is a competition between the father and the Son, mother and daughter, in-laws and siblings. And I guess most of the time The parents or the parents-in-law are the winners not the new wed couples. Because we have about 3 families in our school, whose grandchildren are in the third and fourth grades, and their own children are in the first and second grades, or they even have new born babies. Having younger aunts and uncles than yourself is an obsolete art among human beings which is still common among Afghan families.

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