Apples of the Sunday Market


Apples of the Sunday Market (Sibhaye yekshanbe Bazar) By Taqi Vahedi A Travelogue Book Published in 2021

Apples in Sunday Market
Author: Taqi Vahedi

Apples in Sunday Market is Author’s three-week memoir in several cities of the United States in the late fall- 2014. He is a novelist and human rights activist from Balkh. As part of a cultural program entitled “Women’s Rights and Violence Against Women”, he and ten of his compatriots who were “involved” in this issue met with women’s rights organizations to exchange views and share their experiences.
“The string that connected all these programs was an effort to raise awareness and bring about change through discussions and the formation of an association to support women’s rights,” writes Vahedi. Referring to the cultural and systematic efforts against white supremacy over black and male over female supremacy in the United States, he added: “in contrary to my countrymen And their blindly following traditions, Americans always try to discuss and criticize their customs and not to let them them narrow the field to useful and creative methods.”
The work experience of fiction and human rights literature is evident in his interpretive tone and approach in narrating perspectives and conversations. His attempt to prioritize the content of what he has seen and heard has not caused his narrative to fall short. This book has a special literary value due to its beautiful narration, attention to the smallest details and perspectives, and unique prose. In fact, storytelling, realistic realism and realism, and humorous techniques make this book readable and enjoyable.

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