An ownerless land

An ownerless land – Written by Nader Musavi- 23 September 2017

I was invited by Dr. Ali Dehbashi to attend the Rumi Researchers’ Night at Islamic Encyclopedia Centre.  Program was from 5-8 pm. I got there around 6 pm. It was very crowded the hall was packed with supporters and people who enjoy his poems, there was a big screen outside in the main hall for people who could not get in to watch the program from there. There were a group of specialists and researchers on Rumi’s lifestyle who had written lots of books and articles about his life and his poems. Grand grand child of Rumi was also present there. Her name is Esin Çelebi. She talked about Rumi, his journey, his poem books, ‘Sama Dance’  and how he is recognised globally by UNESCO but she did not mention how he is registered by Turkey not Iran. Perhaps she did not want to ruin the night for Iranian audience that night. In absence of an Afghan researcher and poetry specialist, there was an ongoing battle happening between Iran and Turkey to register Rumi under their own name. Well it appears that Turkey won the game and registered every thing about Rumi under their own name! The worst part of the story is when his grandchild and all Iranian researchers spoke about Rumi without even mentioning where he was born and raised! And where his grandfather and father were belong to! Although I think he is far more than a human and cannot be limited to physical and geographical borders. I remembered how my grand father said one day: dear son! Afghanistan and its people are like no one’s child! They have nothing that belongs to them and everyone tries to take ownerships of their belongings.

Rumi Researchers’  Night at Islamic Encyclopedia Centre.


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