An Old Friend

An Old Friend

12 July 2020

Yesterday we received 200 packs of books as a donation from Scientific and Cultural Publications for the celebration of Children’s Literature Day. Each pack was wrapped with care and kindness and had children’s artwork on the wrapping. All children were supposed to come, but due to current social distancing rules we only had a few students from each class. We are going to distribute the books among the other children in the coming days. Mrs Nadereh Rezaei, Director of Publications, spoke about days when there was no war, and how everyone was living in peace and harmony. She explained how the kings of both countries were friends, Iran and Afghanistan were at peace and the peoples had a strong relationship. Back then this publishing house was publishing children’s schoolbooks for Afghanistan under the name of Franklin. They also established a print centre in Kabul, and provided training to the employees of Franklin publications back then. She wished for peaceful days full of love and friendships as we had in the past, where they can publish good books for Afghan children. We thank Mrs Rezaei, Director of Publications, Mr Haji Mohammadi, Manager of Public Relations, and Mrs Nayereh Manager of the Children’s Department, for coming and making such a great day for children during these difficult times.

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