An old friend

An old friend- Written by Nader Musavi- 10-08-18

A dear and old friend of children who was the first person as the head of the embassy(Representative of Afghan Ministry of Education)visited us today after approximately near to ten years. I called Habib Khalili, Habib Ahmadi, Ali Ahmadi and Mr. Norozi who was a childhood neighbor of Mr. Hamidi so that the good memories of the 80s when all of them worked with the bottom of their hearts would be revived; All though we missed so many dear friends like Mr. Moradi, Dr. Mohammad Amin Zavari, Javad Saberi, Muhammad Heydar Yagobi, Mr. Hussein Ali Mousavi, Godratollah Afshar, Ali Momeni, Amin Moradi, and Golam Reza Jafari and etc…
Dear friend, stay healthy and happy because wherever you go, you bring happiness and kindness with yourself.
I Wish for a day when we could gather in your lovely restaurant, “Romi” in Adlyid and eat your delicious cuisine with all desire.

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