An ocean of books

13-30-11- At the book storage at the Department of Education and Training; 

Once again, I went to the book storage to get books for the first graders. The latest release had a publication of 92, it was out of stock so I had to get the older one, published in 90, and I can only purchase a few of them for my colleagues at other schools. Every time I go to Mr. Rezai, the book storage representative who is quite funny and very kind, always asks me humorously “when are you planning to go back to Afghanistan so I can take a break from you?! Every time you are here, you make me go all the way to the back end of the storage just to get you some ancient books!”

Seeing so many books there made me excited and it was proof of how broad education is. I wanted to take a picture of the books but I never had the chance. I asked Mr. Rezai today and he said I’m not allowed to take pictures; it is forbidden. At first, I thought he was joking but then I realized he was actually serious. When he saw me insisting, he called Mr. Mosibi, the person in charge, and sought for permission. Mr. Mosibi was a well-spoken and respectful gentleman and he noticed who I was, so I finally got permission to take some pictures. So I took this picture. The length of this storage was 500 to 700 meters and the height was about 7-8 meters high and the whole place was filled with primary school books. So many books and so many kids! Getting the chance to see that many books all at once reminded me of the time I used to live in Bandar Abbas (a seaport in the south of Iran) and the very first time I rode a boat right to the middle of the ocean and couldn’t see anything except the endless blue waters. And this place is very similar to the ocean; an ocean of books.

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