All boys school 


April 21, 2013

This year, the vice-principal, could not attend school. 

As a result, I, myself, had to open the school’s gate every morning and wait there for the students to come, and there I stayed until the end of the day. 

Seeing student’s young, fresh and happy faces run to school, gave me and all of my colleagues enough energy for the day. 

As the day began, they all shook hands with me and we greeted each other. Godrat and Mohammad Shah entered the school and came to me. He seemed happy as usual. 

Godrat was saying his father was a shoemaker. I asked him who he wants to be in the future and he answered: a policeman. I asked him “why?”. He said ” I want to arrest the Taliban,” I asked, “why?” “They kill children and adults,” I asked Mohammad Shah. 

He answered: ” I want to be the president of Afghanistan, but he did not say why. While they were walking away from me, I asked them to turn around and I took this picture. 

The little flower pot that you see in Mohammad Shah’s hand is one he brought from home. Each student has one pot to water and take care of until the end of the year then they can take it home. 

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