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Poems by Abdul Hussein Tofigh
Published in 2018

Abdul Hussein Tofigh is one of the romantic poets of the 40s and 50s in Afghanistan. Romanticism is defined by features such as attention to the emotions and senses of a person, appreciation of nature and human nature, dreaming, escaping the society, and rioting against the guidelines in poetry.

The variety of structures in Tofigh’s poem is vast. As said before he also paid attention to poetry types that where outdated in this era such as “Mosamet” and “Ghaside”; His work is more solid and mature in “Ghazal”; poetical type. Tofigh’s Ghazal poems have a similar theme to existentialist Ghazal poetry, but with a fresher way of expression and using some Indian poetic styles in some parts. He is a modernist poet. From a conceptual point of view, what raises interest in his works are the themes of valuing humanity and providing service to humanity. Tofigh sees service to the society as a gateway to ultimate success. He appreciates self-made lives and philosophical reasoning. One could say that his philosophy of life is a bit Khayyam-like. Another subject of his attention is Homeland and working for its improvement. Although he has some Ideological, political and promotional poems in his body of work, in comparison with the poets of his era these are relatively moderate and exist in small numbers. This adds further value to of his work. This writing is an effort, however imperfect, to provide a decent introduction to this worthy Farsi speaking poet. There are shortcomings due to reasons like lack of access to more resources. We based our reference on the following collections of his poems; “Khati dar dasht” 1367,” Peygham-e-Delha” 1368,” Jooy bar(bita)” and “Ahang-e-Sahra”.

See how loyal,

I never seized to think of you See how unfaithful you are,

not once thinking of me Look how courteous,

the complaints I did not write down Look how arrogant,

oh what names I bore Go on and ask, I took your name to the skies Come take a look,

your sorrow pulled me to the ground I died from your love but did not cross paths with you See the effort then look at the pride,

the presence Your neighbors poured stars of stones over me Rise like the moon from behind your roof,

see for yourself May your glory grow tall like your body Look up,

see how high my praying hands are You’re spitefully avoiding looking me in the eye Oh god,

who asked you to look at “Tofigh”? Abdul Hussein Tofigh’s collection of poems as curated by Abutaleb Mozaffari.



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