A Student in the Past, A Teacher Today!

5th July 2017 – Celebrating an achievement 


Her name is Maryam. Maryam Ataei. She is one of our colleagues and also a fifth grade teacher. She is studying hospital management at Tehran University. She is a smart and very talented girl. 

A couple of months after starting the new school term, Maryam came to us for work. She was referred by one of our previous colleagues. After we finished our conversation about the job, Maryam said: “Mr. Mousavi! I was one of your students if you remember me!” I couldn’t remember her at all. “I was studying here year one to year three in secondary school”, Maryam said, “My sister was a student here as well”. Then she said: “I still remember the advice that you told us, don’t let anyone  stop you from learning.”

I asked her about the university; she said: “I was at year 3, but had to leave the uni because I couldn’t afford to pay the tuition fee.” She was depressed and sad because of it. I looked at her transcript, she had an A in almost every unit. I tried to do something to help her. I spoke with a few people who I knew for help, but couldn’t do anything. However, luckily for her, one of our teachers wasn’t able to continue her job, so Maryam got the opportunity to take over. Now, she became a teacher in the same school she studied there 10 years ago. 

She was very punctual and loved her work. Students liked her as well. Thankfully, spending time and companying with children at school, took the sadness of not going to university away from her. 

I tried my best to help her to go back to university, but I failed. However, with lots of follow-ups, she could manage to convince the university administrator to give her a loan to pay the tuition fee, so she could resume her study after the next semester.

Now, Maryam is working in our school library during this summer. She also manages our office and paperwork during her time. 

Yesterday, Maryam was very excited to tell us that her younger sister, Mina has been accepted to NODET school. I congratulated Maryam and her sister. 

Today when I came to the library, I saw a cake there. It was to celebrate Mina’s achievement. 

It is very delightful to see my student’s success, who used to learn at this school with the least resources. It also gives me hope to achieve the result of what we are doing and the way we are going.

All the best wishes to you Maryam and your talented sister and hope to see more success from you both.

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