A story to tell

A story to tell

A story to tell- Written by Guli Qasemi (former student of Farhang school)- 6 October 2020

These days, as we enroll students in elementary school, we come across people who each have a story to tell. Stories that take courage to even hear. Sometimes I am so upset to hear these stories that I want to vomit all the words and sentences I have heard. Sometimes it blows my mind and I regroup. After a few moments when I  raise my head, I see someone looking at me with a smile. A smile that tells me: I am still alive, now I am sitting in front of you to finish this story here and write a new story for my child. War and immigration have caused our children to be forgotten. Children who have never had a chance to live like a child and experience their childhood and have been deprived of their basic rights. Immigration deprived them of the right to go to school, read books and even play games. During this time, I saw fewer students who were literally children. A child, regardless of all the good and bad times, is all about playing and having fun. Instead, I have seen many children whose lot from childhood is just to have a small body. Children who do their best to grow up, walk, dress, and talk like adults. Children who are ashamed of being children.

P.S.‌ He is also one of the stylish students who studied in Nehzat ( A school for adults)  until the fifth grade, but after this he is going to be an elementary school student here.


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