A Musician Friend

A Musician Friend- Written by Nader Musavi

I remember a musician friend of mine told me the first time he fell in love with music was in the school. One of their teachers played a keyboard and he insisted to get to know the instrument. Later from a toy keyboard, he moved to piano, accordion until he became a successful musician. I had this memory and then the students got invited to see a children’s orchestra symphony in Vahdat convention. This concert was being held for the first time after decades for children in Iran. When I spoke to the manager and the people who were performing the concert, I realized their big and appreciable step which was that after this concert which was experimental, they want to play this concert for other kids in other cities and even villages free of charge. Kids who are not able to afford to go to such a performance or even who doesn’t know the concept of orchestra. The orchestra leader and some of the musicians who came from Holland, introduce the instrument one by one to kids and played them separately so they can get to know the sound and the name of that instrument. Children were listening eagerly and some of them imitate the musicians hand with their own hands. I remember in the few sessions we had with the performers before the concert, when they were talking about children they meant all the kids, immigrants or non immigrants. What they were interested in were the ones who might never had a chance of going to such a concert in their life. Today on my way to work, in the train I saw a kid who were selling stuff on underground stairs and he was imitating the busker who was playing music on the other side of the stairs. I thought about the concert and that successful friend of mine. Perhaps a musician or musicians will come out of those performances for kids.

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