A Letter to the Taliban


compiled by Nader Musavi

In the winter of 2006, I held a correspondence competition on several topics among students in self-governing schoolsOne of those topics was a letter to the Taliban that the children had written the most letters on this topic. The children wrote about 7,000 letters in total.I separated the letters written for the Taliban and read them one by one. Letters were written in childish way but they were very painful. The letters showed a small part of the pain and suffering that Afghan children suffered from war, killing, fear, and displacement, and could be seen and read in these letters. While reading the letters, I cried many times over the misery and helplessness of the children of Afghanistan and my own childhood period, which had passed through the midst of war and fear.
Out of nearly two thousand letters, I chose one hundred letters and included them in this book. In 2015, a license was issued and the booklet was published by the title of “letters to the Taliban”. These days, when the Taliban entered all the cities with smiling lips and people are taking selfie photos with them, I remembered this book and the children’s writings.
I hope that with all the pain and suffering that these wars and the Taliban have inflicted on the people, they have all finally come to the conclusion that war and hatred are not the end and no war has won.

Here is a letter from one of those children from this book:

Don’t you have parents? Don’t you have children? Why don’t you end the war? If one day you are away from your child, won’t you miss them? Why did you keep us away from our loved ones? Why don’t you let us be together? Don’t you like peace? Don’t you have children? Don’t you want your child to be educated? Don’t you have a heart? So why don’t you think about us? So why did you deport us?

Reyhaneh Gholami, a 14 years old girl


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