A Letter to Corona

A Letter to Corona- Written by Nader Musavi

3 April 2020

The school has closed, but fortunately our co-workers are still able to teach the students via virtual networks and groups. They even call the children who don’t have smartphones. Hearing their teachers calm them down and motivates them to do their homework and study.
At the beginning we didn’t expect them to cooperate much due to their financial conditions, but as time passed, and with regular follow ups, most of the children were able to join the class groups and send their homework via the phones of their parents, other relatives or neighbours. Whenever I have a look at the WhatsApp group that co-workers send their class reports to, seeing the photos and clips of the students’ homework, poems or paintings refreshes my soul.
These days although the classrooms are closed, seeing the children and their teachers’ passion in their virtual groups makes me hopeful. About three days ago, I told my co-workers that the topic for this week’s students’ letters was “A Letter to Corona”.
I was very curious to know how the children think about it, and what they will say if they want to talk about it. In these last three days, I have been reading their letters. They are interesting reading. From simply cursing the virus, to looking through a Qur’an until they found a hair between the pages that would cure COVID-19. But most of them are about their worries, the boredom of quarantine, and how they are tired of staying home. One of the letters was written by Ahmad Hosseini: “Hey Corona! Go away! We live in a foreign country and we live in misery and if you think you can beat us you are dead wrong. We are always ready to face any problem. We promise to defeat you and on 22nd Farvardin, the school will be open.
We’ll go and keep on studying and I hope you go away and never come back. Flu came before you but we defeated it and we will defeat you too. We – humans – really love each other and we care about each other and we observe hygiene and we don’t go out, not to make each other sick. At the end I want to say: you can’t touch us!”

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