A letter for the principal

A letter for the principal- Written by Nader musavi-01-08-19

I was at the school library, exhausted when the assistant principal of the school came. We were talking about work when he said: ” Mr. Musavi! before I forget, yesterday one of the students gave me this letter to give it to you but I forgot.” And then he put out this beautiful handmade envelope out of his bag and gave it to me. I read the letter, it rocked my world, it was like I had this extra supper energy. When I got to the end of the letter I laughed and read it again, then I said to myself how can one leave these kids and walk out?

Letter text
Monday, 01-07-19
Dear Mr. Musavi. I love you so much and you are so kind and I am so happy because you chose a very good teacher for us, thanks so much Mr. Musavi, I like you like my father, a kind and loveable principal.
I wish you all the happiness!

A letter for the principal
From Samira Mohseni

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