A great Companionship!

A great Companionship!- Written by Nader Musavi- 05/29/14

Baby doves after the second round of the school’s dove hatchlings!

This is the second time the school’s doves are having babies. The last time they laid eggs was the last days of last year and the baby birds hatched during the New Year holidays and flew off some weeks later. Their nest was empty for days before finding out that the exact two doves have once again housed in their place and have left two eggs behind! Now it seems the second round of baby birds are slowly learning how to fly. And maybe we should await the third round of eggs to appear in another few days to be bestowed upon the birdie society. Who knows? Maybe the number of hatchlings will increase to ten in summer if they feel better and the heat allows! Afghan families are famous for having many children, for instance in our own school there are families who have eight or nine children and I’m guessing the average count of children in Afghan families is around four or five. Sharing the school with Afghans seems to have had an impact on the doves, encouraging them to use their utmost potential for having offspring, and unlike most of our fellow countrymen, they don’t even have to worry about their upbringing, schooling and financial needs! They always say, when you stay with someone, you’ll eventually turn out being like them, and these doves have probably turned Afghan now, and that probably explains why they have so many baby birds!


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