A good day


A good day- Written by Nader Musavi- 2018-12-16

Yesterday was a good day, just like many other good days. One of the best things about working at school and spending time with students is that No matter how upset or frustrated you are, when you see children at school, all your sorrow and pain will be forgotten, Because in school everything you see and hear is joy, passion, smiles and peace. About 10 AM I had an unknown phone call. I could not answer. After a few minutes, I received a text message from the same number, introducing himself as a Mr. Nabi Keihani. that name reminded me the boy who was my student long years ago. A calm and personable student. After the class I called him and we talked a little, he got the address of the elementary school. After an hour I was still in the library when he called me and said: “I am at school”. I went to school quickly. When I saw him again I remembered his face when he was a little boy. When we talked, he said that his younger brother Rafi had been my student for several years. They were both students at our school, where he started learning English too. I asked him: “what do you do now?”, he said that they are both engineers now and are successfully running the chain technical companies in several major cities in Afghanistan. He said: ” I have come to Tehran to participate in an exhibition and I really wanted to see the school again.” Then he visited some classes & talked to the children about himself and his biography. He talked about the days he studied at the Farhang school. He said, eighteen years ago, he and his brother were not enrolled in Iranian public schools at the beginning of the school year because they were not granted residency permits.

The days when he just could watch the Iranian students going to school every day  & sigh While he himself had to work as a construction worker until he became acquainted with the Farhang school. His eyes filled with tears as he explained these. Although it was painful to hear his memories, but fortunately they could finally manage it to continue their education with hard working and Perseverance. Those years it was banned to study at the technical and vocational Training Organizations in iran for Afghan refugees, but they succeeded to enroll and graduate in electrical engineering and strengthen their English language skills. He said: ” If I could gain knowledge today or succeed in my profession, its foundation is laid in this small school. As a teacher, I was delighted to see another long years ago student who has succeeded with his hard working and still remembers his old school and teachers. He asked me about his other teachers and I jokingly said that “Dear Nabi all had left school and only I am stuck here.” I always wish you good health and prosperity, Dear Nabi, who brought love and kindness with your arrival and gave us hope and motivation in these days of despair.



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