The laughing dove chicks hatched…

birds schoolyard

The laughing dove chicks hatched…- Written by Nader Musavi- 27 March 2017

The school yard

This morning I went to school worried about whether the thieves had come to school again the night before or not. I looked at the Mosiche’s (laughing dove) nest in the schoolyard, two chicks were sleeping in the nest with their faces turned towards the wall.  I stood on a chair and caressed them a little and turned their faces towards the yard. One of them jumped out of the nest and I put him back again next to his sister and said them why did you turn your face towards the wall? The sulk is not a good thing! From now on, you should see the world and its people and its beauties and be happy.

When I took the picture, they seemed to be smiling.

Rejoice, little doves of our school!


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