Afghanistan’s Geography book

Afghanistan geography book

Very little is said about Afghanistan and its geography in Iranian textbooks. While our children were thirsty to know about Afghanistan and their country.
Especially teenagers who were looking for an identity after elementary school. Although we tried to tell the children about it in Red Anemone (Gole-sorkh) Magazine and Freshness (Taravat) Magazine, a specialized geography book was needed. Fortunately, one of the teachers of the self-governing schools in Mashhad, Mohammad Azim Azimi, who studied geography in university, understood this need and wrote a very good book called Geography of Afghanistan: For Afghan Students, but unfortunately this book was published in a very small circulation and was only available to a few schools in Mashhad. When I searched for this book, I immediately found its author and talked to him during a trip to Mashhad, and I got permission to publish and distribute it in Tehran for all self governing schools. This happened in 2003.

In the same year, we published “Geography of Afghanistan” in a circulation of 3,000 copies and made it available to the self-governing schools of Tehran and other provinces with which we were in contact. The book quickly established itself among self-governing schools and children, reaching its second, third, and fourth editions. The book “Geography of Afghanistan”, written for fifth and upper grade students, has been published every year and is taught in self-governing schools alongside Iranian books.


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