Pomegranate, Rain, Bird

Pomegranate, Rain, Bird- Written by Nader Musavi- 30 December 2019

These days I have tried to arrive at school before others to film children’s arrival, but when I get there, I realize that twenty, thirty students are already there.  It is good that our assistant principal is an early riser and everyday gets to school even before the neighborhood mosque’s Mullah.

I remember that years ago every morning I open the school doors myself and no matter how early I arrived, there were always a few children, all bundled up, waiting in front of the door.  Sometimes humoring them, I would ask if they spent the night there. I took the film and these pictures during the second period.  The children were having breakfast…two Sangak bread (a kind of bread) sandwiches with cheese and dates…I ate with them.   The song bird that you see on the handrail in the last picture had returned with his beautiful singing, serenading the children from the bottom of his heart.  The fourth graders were studying the “Again, Rain with Song” lesson and the first graders had the “Pomegranate” lesson.

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