Promises- Written by Nader Musavi

Mehr 1388 (September 2009), about eleven years ago, due to painting and repairs, we started classes a week late in Unit Number Two, where boys attended school. That year, children attended school in two shifts, each with around 120 students, and the total number of children in the two units was more than 600. In previous years that school operated in three shifts with children attending school for three and a half hours each day.

Fortunately, in Shahrivar (July-August) of that year, approval documents for attendance at public schools were issued and our children were able to register at these schools. The year before that we had around 850 students. Each year we had more than 200 first grade students. Here I was, making the annual plans and promises and solidifying them with others. And as it happens in movies, the children were busy with their own work and the exchange of pleasantries among themselves. I think I had a cold too, as my voice was hoarse.


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