The canebrake road

Poetry Collection By Khalilullah Khalili Published in 2020

The canebrake road
Khalilullah Khalili
First Edition- Spring 2020

Khalilullah Khalili was born in 1901 AH in Kahan Ara- Kabul.
He lived for many years in the cities Kabul, Kuhistan and Balkh, and held important positions in governmental organisations inside and outside the country.
After the coup d’état of Haft Thor, he resigned from the embassy and began a life in Europe and the United States. Then, due to his love for his homeland and participation in the people’s struggle against the occupation of the country, he set up his life in Pakistan and along with his displaced compatriots there, he tried to create works and poems about sustainability and his best works in this field.

The sonnet of Hall of the darkness
Wish flowers I have picked from tomorrow’s skirt
To make it colorful, with spring, tomorrow’s garden
I gained nothing but chagrin from yesterday’s tillage
Let me burn what I harvested with wine
my nights was spent in this hall of darkness in pain and sorrow
I have no hope for tomorrow’s light
The life does not expand on our efforts
Don’t try in vain for fear of dying tomorrow
I am afraid the burden of life bent my back
So I can not bear the burden on tomorrow’s shoulder

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