Wolf Trap

Talak Gorg (Story collection) By Abdolvahed Rafiei Published in 2018
(Story collection)
By Abdolvahed Rafiei
Published in 2018

The collection series of Wolf Trap, Talke Gorg is stories of war and life under war zone.

The stories of the warriors and Russians in Afghanistan where the characters play the roles in Ghazni (A city in Afghanistan) province. All of the characters are affected by war.

In the story Nader Gov was taken away by helicopters in the middle of bombardment in front of his wife and children. In Mirab the war is a mix of passion, madness and homelessness.

Stories of Abdolvahed Rafiei put you in a situation where you are surrounded by war and the fear of war destroys everything in your life. The main features of each character is made by dead body, madness and loss. Rafiei creates an eerie question about life in these 9 short stories.

Literature is about creating a concerning question about the meaning of life and the writer of Wolf Trap demonstrated the stress of war in the transmutation of life.

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