The Girls school

farhang school


The Girls school, second grade today the 5th of Pisces

 It had been a long time that I had not been able to visit the school, today I went to school unannounced, and peeked through each class and had a short chat with the students in each room of the school. I felt joy in my heart as I saw their happy faces, colorful clothes, and clean and organized classes that were decorated with their paintings and handicrafts.

Having my heart full of joy, it seemed to wipe away months of depression. I could see the hope, happiness, and enthusiasm of education in each face. This truly warmed my heart. As I was passing through, I took a few pictures of students with their teachers.

 Ms.Jafary is extremely organized and full of energy. As a teacher, she conducts the classes very efficiently.

 This year has been especially difficult, as I, unfortunately, had to be away from teaching. Luckily, I have been blessed with superb colleagues who are active and organized to make me free of worries.

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